For the second consecutive month, the event, a single section 3-rounder, was won by a girl who beat her brother in the last round to win the event.  In this case, it was the Puranikmath family, as older sister Kalyani defeated younger brother Achintya.  Achintya edged Simon Ye and Hugo Derval for 2nd place, with all three players having 2 points.  Felix Feng, Ethan Jiang, and Shiven Mishra (in his first event) all scored 1.  Minqi Li had the misfortune of losing her bye due to a no-show (one of the many reasons to let me know if you can’t come to an event you sign up for!), and then had some unfortunate pairings.


    Also, please keep the following in mind:

  1.  So far, the list of people who sign up online is always less than the number of people who come to the event.  The club has been around for about 10 years, but the website is less than a year old, so there are many people who aren’t yet used to using the website.


  1.  For 99% of you. it is a bad idea to do anything based on your rating (some minor allowances are made for national teams, awards, etc.), and it is an even worse idea to do something based on other people’s ratings.  I guarantee you that everyone has a bad tournament- I once went 0-12 in one event!  None of you are going to do that!  For the most part, any event you play in won’t have that many mismatches against you.  If it does happen, I recommend that you play in more tournaments and it will eventually go the other way for you.


  1. If I screw up and accidentally give your trophy to the wrong kid (like I did last night), I am more than happy to get you the right one-  just let me know and we can arrange it for you.  (In this case, the kid has won about 10 awards from us and likely will win many more, and he said to just skip it, which I appreciate.)  But yes, I do make mistakes (see the 12 losses mentioned in point 2), and I am of course happy to fix them for you when I do.


Thank you all for coming out and hope to see you all at the Boxing Day Blitz III!