The last event of a hectic December is the 48th Exton Commons Event.

Michael Li led the Under 900 section. He won all three games. Kritarth Acharya, a regular club player, finished second with a score of 2-1 losing to Li. Swanik Gandhe won third on tiebreaks with a score of 2-1.

Akshaj Bodla won the Under 450 section. He won all his games.  Charan Perumalla, a new player, won second place with a score of 2-1, only losing to Bodla.  Rishav Vignesh and Sriaansh Battula tied for third and fourth with a score of 1.5-1.5.

This was the first event Alec Khmelnitsky ran on his own, and he did a good job with it.

The tournament report is at – US Chess MSA – Cross Table for FRIDAY EXTON COMMONS TOURNAMENT 48 (Event 202312155742)