Tri Bridges Chess Club Unleash Your Brilliance

“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.” – Blaise Pascal

Why Tri-Bridges Chess Club?

Founded on the idea of the traditional community chess club (e.g. Marshall in New York City, Mechanics Institute in San Francisco), Tri-Bridges strives to be of use to all chess players in the community. For some, this means teaching how to move the pieces and getting kids excited about the game. For others this means teaching them about concepts like forks, pins, and skewers, so they can do better in tournaments. We have various guest lecturers and lectures on subjects ranging from attack to zugzwang. Finally, some need one on one lessons and we have space for people to take private lessons if the main area is being used.

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Teamwork – All the pieces must work together to accomplish the goal. Also, each piece has different skills, but they all need to come together to accomplish the goal.

Accountability – As World Champion Lasker noted, “At the chess board, lies and hypocrisy do not last long.” The person responsible for the result of the game is you, not outside forces.

Pattern Recognition – Once learned, chess patterns are often recognizable in similar positions.

Evaluation – Players are forced to make complex decisions based on known, but not always easily understood information.

Thinking ahead – As players begin to think about their opponents moves and how they will respond, they naturally begin to think about what lies and planning not just for the moment, but will happen in the future.

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To promote chess in all its forms and to encourage the game throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania, and the United States. (Too stuffy?)
“To provide an encouraging chess experience for children and adults at all levels through a variety of activities and opportunities.”

As there are many moves on a chess board, the game is many different things to many different people. Here we recognize this and try to demonstrate the many different ways you may enjoy and benefit from the game whether that be tournaments, lessons, analysis, simultaneous exhibitions and simply playing the game.




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