The first event of December 2023 was the 47th Exton Commons event. 

Joe Mucerino led the Open section. He was the highest-rated player by about 300 points, so the pressure was on him to win all his games. Mohit Maringanti, a regular club player, scored second place 3-1, only losing to Mucerino. Gideon Richard scored 2-2 in third place, only losing to Mucerino and Maringanti.

In the Under 1000 section, Aryan Amirtharaj led the section, winning 4-0. Viraaj Jairath scored 2.5-1.5 by drawing against Subhang Nettem and losing to Amirtharaj to finish second. Kritarth Acharya scored 2.5-1.5 and won third on tiebreaks.

In the Under 400 section, Akshaj Bodla won 4-0. He picked up around 170 points during this tournament. Jaarun Jairath scored 3.5-0.5 to finish second, only drawing against Cam Tsao. Tsao finished fourth as new player Shaurya Mathur finished in third place with a score of 3-1. Mathur lost only to Raymond Cai, who finished fifth.

The full results for this tournament can be found here.