On December 26, we had the third Boxing Day blitz tournament. This event is a game 5 d0 event, meaning that you have 5 minutes and no delay for all your moves. There were seven players ranging from 1900 to unrated. (These ratings are based solely on blitz games, not their regular ratings.) Joseph Mucerino won the event with a perfect 12-0 score. Vasishta, back from his studies at University of North Carolina, scored 9 out of 12, losing two games to Joe and dropping a game to Vahini. In 3rd place, with six points, was Ratan, the last of the players in this group who have played in a blitz event before.  All but one of the remaining participants had established regular ratings. Though Vahini was new to the blitz format, she plays regularly and is on the top Under 12 list kept by US Chess and scored 5 out of. 12. Kevin Kennedy also scored five out of 12.  Kanishk, who gave Joe a tough game in one of their contests, scored 4 out of 12.  Aaron, by far the newest player, showed his pleasant attitude and good humor throughout, even though he scored 1 out of 12.  The results chart can be found at – US Chess MSA – Cross Table for BOXING DAY BLITZ III (Event 202212265232)