This year we had 3 kids, and a former student who participated at Grade School Championships.

In 1st grade Achintya Puranikmath went 4 – 3 gaining over 100 rating points.  His score of 4 – 3 was equaled by his sister Kalyani, except she game over 200 rating points!  A mammoth gain, especially considering that her one game was a no show victory.  Her 3 victories each came over players rated more than 250 points above her!

In the 6th grade section Tanay finished 4-3, picking up over 30 rating points, and they are a bit harder to come by when you are a 1400.

Shawn Wang, my former student, he really needs to come do something at club so we can call him a member.  Especially since one of the reasons I agreed to start the club was I was hoping to attract adults for him to get practice against.  In any case, he finished 5 – 2 and in 11th place in the entire nation!