The January 27th Friday night event was the largest since COVID. We had 17 players over two sections, and a new assistant tournament director as Kasyap Tumuluri is now a club TD. This is an official US Chess recognition, not just from our club- congratulations to Kasyap!

In the top section. Ratan Kanda scored a perfect 3-0. In the third round he defeated Partha Gottumukkala who came in second and was 1 of 4 players to finish 2 – 1.  Another of these was Frank Sullivan who won third on tiebreaks.  Gideon Richard and Kalyani Pranikmath were the other two players to finish 2 – 1. 

The Under 400 was won by Venica Jain, who scored a perfect 3-0.  She beat Rishav Vignesh in the final round to secure first place.  Rishav led three players with 2 points, winning second on tiebreaks.  Arnav Goyal was third and Ethan was fourth.  Three very new players – Rohan Sukla Yerrapatruni, Swanik Gandhe, and Vivaan Baheti all scored 1 – 2.  

The results chart can be found at – US Chess MSA – Cross Table for EXTON COMMONS EVENT #26 (Event 202301270832)