In the first event of 2023, we had 16 participants, including several new ones.   This event clearly showed that ratings are merely suggestions and should not be much of a consideration for beginners when deciding to play. 

In the Under 1000 section (accidentally called the Under 400 on the rating list), Hugo Duvall, the lowest rated player, scored a perfect 4-0.  He started with a bye, then had a dramatic comeback against Kalyani, a win against St. Joe’s student Andrew Holmberg, and finally a win against Kanishk Ramprasath. In second – third place were Andrew and Kanishk, who tied in the first round-  both scored 2.5 – 1.5.  In 4th through 6th were Kevin Kennedy, Kalyani, Puranikmath and Achintya Puranikmath.

The Under 600 section had nine players and was won by Mithra Hari. Mithra had the only perfect score, 4-0. (Based on rating, he was expected to finish in the middle of the group.)  In second place with three points out of four was Aanya Kollur. In 3rd through 8th (!) everyone had two points – Joseph Durham, Viraaj Jairath, Townes Yardley, Venica Jain, Ethan Jiang, and Swanik Gandhe!

The results chart can be found at – US Chess MSA – Cross Table for ECE #25 (Event 202301145502)