On February 18th we had a post Covid record of 21 players attended the 27th Exton Common Event tournament.  We had 8 players in the Under 1200 Section.  This section was won by Kalyani Puranikmath, seeded 4th at 924, with 3.5 points.  Four players tied for 2nd through 5th with 2.5 – 1.5 scores.  Three 900s, Vignesh Divvela, Gideon Richard, and Ratan Konda, were joined by Kanishk Ramprasath, who is in the high 800s.  Akshay Sunil, an unrated, who chose to play in the Under 1200, scored 1 – 3 to take top unrated.

The Under 600 section had 13 players.  Samika Nettem, with the only perfect score of the day, going 4 – 0.  The three people with 3 points were Viraaj Jairath, Joseph Durham, and Mithra Arjun Hari.  The top unrated was Enishk Muruganandam who scored 2-2.

The full results can be found at – US Chess MSA – Cross Table for EXTON COMMON EVENT 27 (Event 202302182622)

Also, please note that this event and any event before states will not affect the rating they use at states.  At states they use your rating as of February 1, 2023.