On September 16th, the Pennsylvania Chess Federation returned to southeastern Pennsylvania with the G/60 d5 championships.  This event had 3 sections (the two coming up will just have an Open and scholastic section and can be signed up for under tournaments) – Open, Under 1600 (Reserve), and Under 900 (scholastic),

The Under 900 section was by far the largest section, about the size of the other two.  It varied from players in their first tournament to experienced children looking for their first scholastic title.  The section finished largely as expected with those 3-1 or better all being rated over 500 and those 1 – 3 or less were all new or to just over 300.

With only 4 games, 2 people went 4-0.   Rishi Srinivasa Chakravarthi, a fairly new player, who had already crossed 900 (though his official September rating was in the 800s), finished first on tie breaks.  Sophia Lu went 4 – 0 and picked up almost 150 rating points.