The 42# Exton Commons Event was held on September 12. There were two sections: U-500 and Open. Incredible fights took place in each section.  

       In the U-500, Olivia Su took first place, only losing to Nicholas Junod, and she finished with 3 points!  Pranav Srinivasula finished second with 2.5 points.  Ethan Jiang finished with the same number of points, but worse tiebreaks, and came in third.  Nicholas Junod finished fourth with 2 points while Arjun Patil finished fifth with 1 point, tying with Dhanyasri Vidhya, who finished in 6th place. 

      The open section had a challenging section, as there were numerous strong players playing in the section.   Joseph Mucerino, a friend of tournament director Joshua Anderson for about 35 years(!), won first place with 3.5 points tying Elie Elovic in the third round.   Half a point back, in second and third place, Phillip Su edged Jayden Yang on tiebreaks.  Elovic finished fourth with 2.5 points in his first full tournament in over 23 years! (He did play a few rounds in a few different events during the 21st century.)   With an even score, Vignesh Divvela and Daniel Li tied for fifth-sixth, with Divvela having the better tiebreaks. Hugo Derval, Achintya Puranikmath, and Aryan Roy also participated in the event and all the players played some exciting games.