This Friday evening as part of our additional chess club we decided to have a blitz tournament so that several players could get the games they needed to get an established blitz rating. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, and I made it a 3 round event when they needed a 5 round event to get established ratings. Aside from this error the event went very well.

The event was free and had no prizes but did have 14 competitors. These competitors ranged in playing strength from unrated to about 1300 (blitz rating.) This 3-round event was quickly and efficiently run by Kathik Murugan (once he gets certified by US Chess, I can give him official credit for helping with events) and player/TD Steve Conner, Shayan, and myself. These TDs/assistants also helped to prepare for the event Saturday, the largest we had ever had at Tri-Bridges Chess Club.

The event had a 5 0 time control and we were able to finish all three rounds in about half an hour. Mohit Maringanti was the only player to go 3 and 0. Steve and Vignesh followed a half point back.

By all accounts this was an enjoyable event and I suspect we will look to do another in the spring, perhaps a week or two before Elementary School Championships (in Baltimore in the middle of May.)