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$100 Open Prize – 11 to 5 PM; G/40, d5 

The 1st round will start at 11, lunch (gluten free pizza will be provided by around 12:15 or so), Round 2 will be at 12:30.  Rounds 3 and 4 will be as soon as possible, starting no later than 2 and 3:30 respectively.

The sections are Mother’s (Unrated), Open, Under 900, Under 400. The Open has 3 trophy prizes and a $100 for first place.  The other sections will have at least three trophy prizes.  Hope to see everyone there!

Several people have asked about the unrated mother’s section.  I knew of two mothers who had not really been able to play often where they had been children and now that their kids played, they were even more interested in playing.  Also, recently I had lent a student a tactics book to work in and when I asked the young lady to return it she explained that she was done, but her mother was beginning to work through it and was hoping she could borrow it.  These experiences made me decide we should have a Mother’s section.  None of these ladies have ratings, and I expect most don’t and probably wouldn’t join US Chess if pressed, so this section is unrated and we will see how it does.

Former US Women’s Champion Jennifer Shahade has kindly offered to donate 2 signed copies of her book – Play Like a Girl! to be used as prizes at the event.