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This 4 round chess event is being sponosored by the Philadelphia Telangana Association.  Free pizza dinner is provided.

The event will be in 4 sections.  Two unrated – Kindergarten to 6th and 7th to 12th grade.  There will also be two rated sections.  These sections will be quick rated, but regular ratings used for sign up (this is common as not everyone has quick or blitz rating.)  The sections are Championship (Open) and Under 900.

The time control for the tournament is G/15, d5 and taking notation is optional.

The rounds will begin at 6:15 and they will proceed as soon as possible, allowing time to have pizza, etc., as appropriate.  Sections will end at 10 at the latest, likely a little earlier for the more beginner sections.

Prizes include certificates and trophies.  Certificates are given out at tournament site.  Trophies are given out at the PTA event on June 15, 2024 at East High School event at roughly 7:30 PM.

For the registration form, if you are playing in an unrated section, you do not need to join US Chess at the event.  If you would like to,  we can help you do that, but for either unrated section you do not need to be a member of US Chess.

If you are interested in many of our other tournaments, including the Ladies tournament on Saturday, June 1, or Bughouse, on Sunday, June 2, just click on the tournament tab or event tab (event tab includes chess summer camps, regular club meetings, and tournements) in the upper part of the screen.