Our club has the privilege of running many events. As such, it is natural that some are more significant and mean more to us than others. I know that I speak for most of the club when I say that the Reach for the Sky tournament is very near and dear to all of our hearts.  We are grateful for the generosity of the Suresh family, who sponsors this event.

In the Open section, Joe Mucerino won this event for the 3rd time, this time with a perfect score. In second through fourth place were Mohit Mariatti, Gideon Richard, and Christopher Romeril, who all scored 2 1/2 points. Gideon and Chris both lost to Joe Mucerino.  Mohit had a strange day, making an early mistake in the first round and losing to Frank Sullivan, then drawing in the second round with Chris Romrell. 

In the under 1000 section, Ashrith Maringanti scored a perfect 4 – 0 and picked up over 150 rating points.  His victories over Achintya Puranikmath and Pranav Srinivasan were their only losses, as they finished 2nd and 3rd.  (They both won all of their other games.)  Viraaj Jairath also went 3 – 1 but, due to tiebreaks, came in 4th.  Srinivasan’s result was especially noteworthy as he was the lowest-rated player in his section and picked up over 250 rating points. 

In the under 600 section, Tyler Wang, whose official November rating was “Unrated,” won first place going 4-0. His rating is now over 780.  James Zheng was in second place with 3.5-0.5.  Three players-  Kaiyun Su, John Zheng, and Kajie Su- scored three points. The Su brothers were playing in their first tournament. 

This event was the first event where we posted on Swisssys.com each round.  This posting allows parents to better follow the action without being on-site. This site also allows players to see the tiebreak options, the pairings, and other information. The final results can be found at Select a section (swisssys.com).  The US Chess Ratings Report is at US Chess MSA – Cross Table for REACH FOR THE SKY! (Event 202311042292)

We thank the Suresh family again for their generosity and hope everyone had an enjoyable time.