A list of prizes that can be won at the Holly Heisman Memorial Tournament will be posted here.

Chess.com: 5 platinum membership, 5 gold memberships

Chesskid.com – 5 memberships

ICC (Internet Chess Club) – 5 Adult memberships, 10 Junior Memberships

Book-Up Opening Chess Wizard – copy of the $197 Professional version and a copy of the $67 Express version of Chess Openings Wizard. (either program is available in MacIntosh or PC version, the winner should let me know which he/she wants)

6 Shining Knights T-Shirts (sent directly from Shining Knights)

3 – $20 entries to an upcoming Tri-Bridges Chess Club event (tournament, lesson, simul, etc.) – Date and time to be determined, location Exton, PA

1 – $50 gift certificate to Dan Heisman Learning Center

  1. 4x $25 gift certificate for any of the South Jersey Innovation Center events (1 per person).   These can be used for any of our programs including tournaments in 2021.
  2. 4 x private 1 hour lessons with FM Dov Gorman – $60 value each.

1 – This work of art was donated as a prize:

4 – These 4 bookmarks (front and back displayed) were donated as prizes (they are 4 individual prizes):