2023 Prizes – About $3000 in prizes

Trophies from Benjamin Family and PSCF – at least 1 to 5 in K to 8, others to be determined

Trophies from Adam Serota

ICC (Internet Chess Club) – 6 Adult memberships and 6 Junior memberships

House of Staunton Chess Clock – just released – Zmart Tap N Set Pro

Few chess books from previous donations

John Bain: 

05      Chess Rules books        $04.50/ea.

05      Checkmate! books        $05.00/ea.

05      Chess Tactics books      $16.00/ea.

Books from Pete Tamburro (in really nice shape) – used for all level of players

Mike Leahy is donating: $197 Professional COW and two $67 Express COW apps – Mac or Windows

Books from the family of Jeff Cramer

3 – $20 entries to an upcoming Tri-Bridges Chess Club event (tournament, lesson, simul, etc.) – Date and time to be determined, location Exton, PA

T-Shirts from Shining Knights Chess

Chess.com – 5 1-year diamond memberships

2 free quad entries from Brad Crable

Allentown Center City Club a month of unrated chess tournaments (the club is no longer running rated events)

Michael Cook – Myerstown Chess Club – Free Entry into tournament

Tom Bartell – Free lesson to Under 1500 winner

Internet Chess Club – 6 adult memberships – 6 jr memberships – all good for one year

Tri-Bridges chess club will give several t-shirts and free tournament entries

Igor Khmelnitsky – 2 Chess Exam books he authored

Chess.com – 10 chesskid.com memberships – 6 months each

Chess.com – 10 chess.com gold memberships – 6 months each

Dov Gorman –

2x private lesson with FM Dov Gorman

2x entry fees for sjic super quads

4 x entry fees for sjic scholastic quads



2022 Prizes – About $3000 in prizes

20 –  copies of Karthik Murugan’s book Legal Attack

2 signed books by IM Igor Khmelnitsky

Chess.com/chesskid.com memberships

Chess.com: 5 platinum membership, 5 gold memberships

Chesskid.com – 5 memberships

11 New Books from Russell Enterprises – for all level of players

1 hr lesson for Under 800 player by Joshua Anderson (2 half hour lessons if preferred), zoom certainly, possibly in person

One hour lesson for Under 1500 winner from IM Tom Bartell

2x private lesson with FM Dov Gorman
2x entry fees for sjic super quads
4 x entry fees for sjic scholastic quads

Dan Heisman Learning Center on Chess.com is sending a $250 House of Staunton