Click on a section on the day of the event for pairings and standings. Click on Prizes or Entrants for a list of prizes or entrants.
Here is the Zoom information:
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Meeting ID: 881 0109 6906
Passcode: 062126

2020 Holly Heisman Memorial Fundraiser Chess Tournament (hyperlinks in bold and turn blue when scrolled over)

When: Dec 12, 1st round begins at 11 AM EST, all other rounds ASAP

Where: Games will be played on, but players must be visible on Zoom

Sections: Open, Under 1700, Under 1200, Non-rated (for non-US Chess Federation Members)

What: 5 Round Swiss, G/25, 5 sec increment

Entry Fee: Donation to the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund to help women in need; $25+ strongly suggested –

Byes: Up to 2, 1/2 point byes, must be requested before Round 4. or Give Now – Philadelphia Foundation (

To Enter: email [email protected] ASAP but before Dec 12, 10 AM with

  • Name
  • name/handle (if new to, go there and make a membership, the free version is fine)
  • Sect
  • USCF ID (unless playing in the non-rated section when this is optional)
  • Junior (18 and under) is helpful as some prizes are limited to juniors.

If you would like to donate a prize, please email [email protected] ASAP.

Information regarding the use of and challenging your opponent can be seen on the Zoom video at –  Tri Bridges Chess Club – YouTube

Limit of 95 participants.


  1. With so many ratings that people can have, we have a hierarchy of which ratings we will use:

(a) USChess Over-the-board (I am trying to train myself not to say USCF anymore – it is slow going)

(b) USChess online

(c) USChess Over-the-Board Quick

(d) USChess Online Quick

(e) USChess Over-the-board Blitz

(f) USChess Online Blitz

(g)  Any other online rating (can adjust, e.g. ICC standard ratings are about 150 pts higher than USCF) Also, a player can play as “unrated” if they don’t have any USCF rating and the TD thinks that an online rating either doesn’t exist or would be unfair in some way

2. When I signed up for I was given a rating, i.e. 800 or 1200. This rating, and for that matter any rating is not used by this event, so need to worry about it.

3. Do you need to report the result of game? Yes, please do so to Joshua Anderson, the tournament director.

4. My opponent is not showing up, what should I do? Do not abort the game.  The tournament director or an assistant will come to you (online/message/text/phone).

5. I was winning, but then my internet went bad and my opponent claimed a win? What should I do? I am sorry that your internet was down. It can happen to anyone. If that happens, you lost the game.  If your opponent is disconnected, please wait, but do not add minutes on your opponent because that will delay next round.  Note: If you have a minor internet interruption, you may still be able to get back to your game, so please make every attempt to try to do so.

6. What to do for next round? Same thing. You wait until the pairings are up and then challenge your opponent whom you are paired with.

7. Any breaks between? We will have small break each round, but I will be trying to rate the next round quickly after each round is over.

8. How to withdraw? Please tell tournament director that you withdraw before the next pairing is up. We have chat for everyone, or you can directly message the TD.

9. Are the games USChess Rated? Yes, they will effect your online USChess rating, not your over the board rating.

10. How to make sure my opponent is not cheating? Every players need to be honest and not cheat. You must also have zoom on while playing. Cheating can be in any of the following ways – playing using engines or books, playing by someone else, or someone helping.

11. Any cheating punishments? Yes. has detection if someone is cheating and since it is USChess rated, you will receive penalties from them as well.

12. Doesn’t have the ability to run and pair the tournament directly on site? It does, but it uses ratings and everything would then have to be imputed to the USChess computers by hand.

13. What if crashes? We will do our best to give it a few moments to come back. If it becomes apparent that it is not going to come back then if we have finished 3 or more rounds we will call it a tournament. If it is less than 3 rounds finished, then we will set a makeup date – probably next Saturday.

14. Do I need to have two zoom cameras? No, but you do need one. While two would let us see more, it is more difficult for many people and for an event of this type and size we felt one was appropriate. Also, unlike CCA events, you do not have to ask permission to go the bathroom.

15. What are the mechanics for each round?

  • Locate your section’s pairings in the Tri-Bridges website. (Click the oval with your section name to go to that page.) Make sure your zoom screen is on “mute”
  • Get your opponent’s real name and handle from the pairing list in your section.
  • Go to (see video for more details) and challenge your opponent to a 25 minute game with a 5 second increment (under “more” and “custom” time controls)
  • You can find your opponent’s Zoom screen and watch them play during your game (optional) or temporarily unmute and ask them any questions if they have not accepted your challenge (they may have challenged you first, in which case you can just accept their challenge)
  • When your game is finished, report your result to the TD Joshua Anderson on Zoom chat. The pairings for the next round will be out minutes after the final result from the previous round is reported in your section.