Pairings and standings for the non-rated section will be posted here.



Standings. 2020 Holly Heisman Memorial: Nonrated     
# Place Name Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
    Namdev “borjoff” 1481 X6 L2 W4 W2 W3 4
    John “alltkm” R 1391 W4 W1 W3 L1 W4 4
    Sean “seangould” G 826 B— W4 L2 W4 L1 3
    Tracy “tracyjean50” B unr. L2 L3 L1 L3 L2 0
    Boby “boby171” S 1604 F7 U— U— U— U— 0
    Banit “notoriusbignut” S 1272 F1 U— U— U— U— 0
    j Anton “chosen11987” W 1258 F5 U— U— U— U— 0
Pairings for Round 2. 2020 Holly Heisman Memorial: Nonrated
White                             Black
John “alltkm” R vs.  Namdev “borjoff”
Sean “seangould” G vs. Tracy “tracyjean50” B