On September 8th, 16 players attended the 41st Exton Commons tournament. 

The Under 400 section had eight players and was won by Zihem Omebere-Iyari, going 3-0.  Rishav Vignesh, who only lost to Zihem, got second place with 2 points. Both Roshini Sadhu Venkata and Jaarun Jairath ended up with 1.5 points, but Roshini just edged out Jaarun to take third place. Two very new players named Vivaan Baheti and Shriya Chakravarthy both scored 1-2.   Shriya won the Top Unrated Prize.

In the Open section, both Kevin Kennedy and Gideon Richard had two and a half points, drawing each other in the second round. Kennedy won first place against Richard on tie breaks, but they both got to split a $50 cash prize, each earning $25. Pallavi Rajeev and Azim Ahmed Julkipli both got 2 out of 3 points, but Pallavi had better tiebreaks, so she took third place.