On November 26th, Tri- Bridges had Exton Commons Event #21 with 12 players over 2 sections. Given the number players vacationing or playing in the National Chess Congress, it was a solid turnout.

The 5 person Under 500 section was made into a round robin. The event result was exactly rating based with top-rated Achintya Puranikmath scoring a perfect 4 – 0 score, Ratna Konda scoring 3 -1 for second, and Arul Chintha scored 2 – 2 for third. The two unrateds Mithra Arjun Hari and Rohith Rao finished fourth and fifth. Three of the players in this section had older siblings in the Under 1000 section.

In the Under 1000 section, top-rated Kanishk Ramprasath, won 3 of 4, drawing Ratan Konda in the last round, to finish in first place. Kevin Kennedy lost in the first round to Ramprasath but won out to finish 3 – 1 and in second place. Ratan Konda, had the draw and lost to Joseph Kennedy , but finished with 2.5 our of 4 for third place. In 4th through 6th with 2 of 4 were Kalyani Puranikmath, Rithik Rao, Joseph Durham. Nishant Valamkonda finished with 1 out of 4.

I am doing some experimenting with ChessBase 17 so if people would like to send me a few games from the event, that would be appreciated.

The event can be found at https://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?202211268732-15670213