Twelve players met at the Chessing We Will Go Event.  While this is a little light, there was an accidental double booking with Main Line Chess and Leteef had an event in Hershey (funny story about that at the end.)

We ended up with two sections, an Under 400 section with 3 players and an Under 900 section with 9 players.

The Under 400 section, a double round robin was dominated by Mishra Hari, who put his club practice to good use scoring 4-0 despite being the lowest rated player (though his rating was based on just one tournament.)  Arul and Arnav tied 1 – 3 for second and third place.

The Open section was one of those section that highlights that ratings are not always so accurate.  No one escaped unscathed.  Kevin Kennedy had the best results dropping only half a point to score 3.5 – 05 and win sole first place.  The Konda siblings took 2nd and 3rd, both scoring 3.0 – 1.0 with Ratan edging out his little sister Ratna.  Gideon picked up 4th place with 2.5 – 1.5, and Felix Feng edged Viraaj Jairath on tiebreaks for 5th place, both scoring 2 points.  You can see the full results at –  US Chess MSA – Cross Table for ECE -22 – CHESSING WE WILL GO (Event 202212108852)

This coming Friday we will have a nice 3 round Friday night event.  Please sign up on line at –  Friday Night Tournament – Exton Chess Event #23 – Tri Bridges (


Funny thing happened to Joe Mucerino (if you don’t know him play in more of our tournaments and you will meet him) when he attended the Hershey event on the 10th.

In 1993, Joe played James Jumper in the 2nd round of the Bloomsburg Open.  It was Jumper’s last event until this past Saturday when he played Hershey and again played Joe, meaning they played 29 years apart!  For James there were 6 tournament games between their games (end of the Bloomsburg Open and beginning of Hershey event), for Joe, there were 7276 games between them!